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How To Practice For Bow Hunting Turkeys

Tips For Bow Hunting Turkeys | Practicing The Real Scenario While this spring is starting to feel more and more like summer, It is still turkey season for some northern and Midwest states. While summer, with its velvet bucks and 3-D courses and tournaments, gets us bow hunters amped up for deer season, we still […]

Archery Turkey Hunting Tips to Bag a Gobbler

Techniques for Bow Hunting Turkeys In the turkey hunting world, there are two primary groups of people: those who prefer to use shotguns and those who use a stick and string. There’s obviously crossover between the two groups, but some hunters are very passionate about only their chosen weapon. While modern day bows are anything […]

What is the Best Broadhead Style for Turkey Hunting?

Best Broadhead for Turkey Hunting | Fixed, Mechanical, or Guillotine Style Turkeys are tough critters to hunt no doubt. Superior eyesight and downright stubbornness at times, are a nightmare combination for a hunter to combat. Adding a bow into the picture is a different ballgame entirely. Shotguns are easy…to a point, but trying to slide […]

Late Winter Deer Scouting Tips to Improve the Odds Next Year

How to Scout for Deer After Bow Hunting Season Ends It might seem like a long way off until our various archery seasons kick off again. And it is; roughly six months, but who’s counting? But just because our calendars have a lot of white space on them between now and then doesn’t mean we […]

A Hard Core Broadhead for a Record-Book Buck

Can You Make Your Own Luck with G5 Broadheads? Luck is something every deer hunter hopes and prays for each opening day of bow hunting season. It doesn’t matter how we hunt deer or what corner of the nation we come from; we simply want to get lucky when the right deer walks in front […]

Shed Hunting | The Perfect Closure To Every Bow Hunting Season

When, Where, & How to Find More Whitetail Deer Sheds The 2015/16 bow hunting season was a tough one for a lot of hunters across the Midwest. Whether you put a buck on the ground this year or still have a tag burning a hole in your pocket, you may have noticed a decrease in […]

Designing a Small Property for Bow Hunting

Small Property Bow Hunting | Designing Your Small Deer Hunting Property One thing we do very well as bow hunters is pay attention to the details. Whether it’s the color of your peep sight, speed and penetration of your arrow and broadhead, or the accessories you put on you bow…the details matter! Deer, especially mature […]

Tips to Stay in Shape over the Off-Season

Think You’re as Tough as Your Broadheads? Contrary to the truth, we’d all like to think we’re as tough as nails, or as strong as our broadheads in this hunting example. Sure, we’re all capable of heading out on spur-of-the-moment backcountry elk hunts up a mountain range, right? Well, that’s what we tell ourselves. But […]

Bow Hunting Varmints | Woodchucks Beware!

Varmint Hunting to Hone Your Shooting Skills Many deer hunters also like to pursue small game species in the fall. It doesn’t matter if they’re rabbits, game birds, or even squirrels, they are just plain fun to hunt. But if you’re looking for a little more challenge to keep it even fresher, try bow hunting […]