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How Blind Bailing Helps You Overcome Target Panic

Blind Bailing is the Best Fix for Target Panic     Target panic is analogous to the shank in golf. It does not happen often and some never experience it, however, when it does occur, the problem intensifies into a complete loss of confidence in your ability to shoot your bow. What exactly is target […]

5 Things You Need To Do Before Opening Day

5 Things To Do Before Early Season Bow Hunting   Feature: Team Radical   The mad end-of-summer scrabble to prepare for hunting season is upon us.  Perhaps you just have not had the time to prepare in the ways you really would like to, right? Between self-doubt and endless social media pressure from other “prepared” […]

The Lowdown on the New DeadMeat Broadhead!

G5 Outdoors | DeadMeat Broadhead and B.M.P What started 3 years ago, has finally surfaced into one amazing broadhead. The new DeadMeat Broadhead combines the best features of previous broadheads into one of the most innovative expandable broadheads on the market. Loaded with features, and accompanied by an out of the box idea for a […]

Shot Placement Guide for North American Game Animals

Bow Hunting Shot Placement, Game Vitals, and Broadhead Recommendations Feature: Jason Matzinger | Into the High Country   One of the most frustrating things a bow hunter will ever encounter in their days spent chasing and hunting game is the feeling of making a perfect shot on an animal, only to have it run out […]

Bow Hunting Considerations for Lower Poundage Shooters

Low Poundage Bow Hunting Considerations   There are many options of compound bows available for the modern day bowhunter; from youth to seasoned hunter, short or tall, young and old. Archers who shoot bows with a draw weight of 50-pounds or more and with a draw length of 27 inches or more have unlimited options […]

Which Broadheads Should You Use and Why?

How To Decide Which Broadheads You Need   Feature: Team Radical   We hunt in an age of specialization. Gear specifically designed to handle each situation we seek to find ourselves in is available for use. The business end of an arrow provides plenty of options to get the job done. However, do hunters always […]

Turkey Bow Hunting | Tackling Tricky Turkeys

Turkey Bow Hunting and Stalking With a Decoy Turkey hunting is one of those rare activities that just gets in your blood after you’ve tried it. The thrill of calling a longbeard into range and fooling a wild turkey’s amazing eyesight is sure to get your heart racing. But it can also be really hard […]

Winter Bow Hunting Practice for the Upcoming Turkey Season

Photo: StuttinBuck Bow Hunting Practice Tips for Turkey Season   As the winter slowly grinds on the thought of warm weather and chasing turkeys creeps into every hunter’s mind. Hunting turkeys with a bow has seen an uptick in popularity recently, partially in thanks to readily available video content online showcasing that very pursuit! While […]

Winter Deer Habitat Projects You Can Do

Better Deer Habitat = Better Bow Hunting As you reflect on the 2016 deer season, you might naturally wonder what you could do now to make 2017 an even better bow hunting year. That’s what New Year’s is all about, right? Most people typically spend this time of year pondering what they did right or […]