G5 broadheads are Designed to Hunt and 100% steel tough!

The All New Deadmeat 3 blade expandable broadhead is devastating, durable and super simple to use. Also Introducing the B.M.P. a ballistic match to the Deadmeat broadhead. Included with the Deadmeat you can practice all year round and be hunt ready!

G5 Outdoors Expandable broadheads

G5 expandable broadheads have huge cutting diameters and deliver massive blood trails. G5 broadheads are all American and all steel, all the time!

G5 Outdoors Fixed Blade Broadhead

The Montec is an ICON in the world of broadheads. Solid steel and easy to sharpen the Montec has been an example of one of the worlds greatest fixed blade broadheads. The Striker is among the sharpest broadheads on the market.


From quivers and rests, to tools and swag, G5 has got you covered.

Head-Loc Quiver G5 Outdoors Premium Bow Hunting Accessories

The Head-Loc Quiver holds 6 arrows, it is super lightweight, and also acts as a dampener for your bow. A free tree mount is included and also comes in a crossbow version.

Meta Pro Peep G5 Outdoors premium bow hunting accessories

The G5 Meta Pro Peeps have been voted #1 by the Bowhunting Worlds Readers Choice. Check out why everybody is using the Meta Pro Peeps by G5.

Cmax arrow rest G5 premium bow accessories

The Cmax arrow rest rotates its launcher arm on a C axis, maximizing arrow clearance. Super easy to use and now with replaceable bumpers with many color options.


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G5 Outdoors Bow Hunting Accessories Bow Hunting Broadheads About Us

For the entire G5 family, dedication to the outdoors and to creating products in pursuit of those passions is much more than a job—it’s a way of life. For generations, G5 has been using technology to push the limits of industry standards through rigorous testing of each and every product. If a product is stamped with the G5 logo, its quality and your experience with it will be nothing short of exceptional. At G5, we are Designed To Hunt.

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Check out the G5 Outdoors pro staff. Learn more about our T.V. personalities and what motivates them to be at the top of their game. Check your local listings for air times.

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From competition archery, good ol’ fashion fun, and product showcases, G5 Outdoors has you covered. Learn when and where it is all happening.


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