With a bigger cutting diameter and a machine steel ferrule, the Striker V2 is stronger, bigger and flies better than ever.

The G5 Striker V2 is Designed To Hunt. Find your local G5 dealer or buy online today!

1.25″ Cutting Diameter

With 3 deadly blades machined from a single premium piece of solid steel, featuring  a fully-machined ferrule. Our 1.25″ cutting diameter offers unmatched precision and penetrating power.

100, 125 Grain

Available in 100 and 125 grain to ensure optimal speed and accuracy.

100% Spin Tested

Each broadhead is tested to ensure ultimate straightness resulting in unsurpassed accuracy and penetration.

Crossbow Version Available

The Striker V2 also comes in a crossbow version allowing you to shoot with confidence.

BMP Practice Model

Make the most of the off-season with the Montec practice broadhead! Made with identical dimensions, practicing with these broadheads will help you acheieve consistencies with flight and accuracy before you head into the field.  Made with a rounded-edge, these broadheads keep target wear to a minimum.

Blade Replacement Kit Available

Striker V2’s ultra sharp blades are easy to replace blades with our Replacement Kit