G5 Expandable broadheads


These broadheads are designed for huge holes and massive blood loss with field point accuracy. Bring home the meat with the MEGAMEAT and all new DEADMEAT V2 expandable broadheads.

G5 expandable

  • New Deadmeat Design
  • Easy to use Snaploc Collar
  • Replaceable blades and collars
  • Huge 1.5″ Cutting Diameter
  • Available in 100, and 125 grain
  • Crossbow Version Available

$61.95 MSRP

best broadhead

  • Huge 2 inch cut
  • Easy to use SnapLoc Collar
  • 100% Steel Tough
  • Replaceable blades and collar
  • 3 super sharp blades
  • Crossbow rated for over 425 fps
  • Available in 100 and 125 grain

$61.95 MSRP

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