best hunting broadhead



•G5 Original Montec is the pinnacle of G5 broadheads… There is a reason this is the best selling fixed blade on the market. This broadhead is super tough and easy to sharpen for multiple uses.  The G5 Montec is Designed To Hunt! Find your local G5 dealer and see why the Montec is the best selling fixed blade in the industry.

• 1.0625″ Cutting Diameter
• 100% Spin Tested
• BMP Practice Head Available
• Available in Crossbow Model
• 85, 100 and 125 Grain Available
• Easy to re-sharpen
• 100% Steel Tough


best hunting broadhead

Original Montec

best hunting broadhead

Montec CS (carbon steel)

hunting broadhead

Pink Montec

best hunting broadhead
montec kill
how to sharpen a Montec