Ben Rising is an Ohio native who grew up in a rural country setting. It was here he learned to trap, hunt and fish at a very early age from his father and family friends. Ben was taught through working on local farms, sawmillls and helping his dad and grandfather that hard work was how you achieved goals and that ‘laziness in anything wasn’t good’ and ‘If your going to do something, do it right!’ Ben has molded this attitude into his pursuit of Whitetail deer and anything else that his tags are good for. He started logging at16 and started his own logging business by the age of 20. Rising married his childhood sweetheart, Melody, in 1998 and they have four boys and a girl. Ben started filming in 2002 for Drury Outdoors and continued till 2013. He has since started Whitetail Edge and has appeared on Bone Collector.

Ben and Melody started Wicked Ridge Outfitters in 2012 in Ohio and continue to grow and manage this whitetail destination for fair chase hunts. Ben’s passion is this Whitetail Edge show! He truly wants to help others learn how to pursue and successfully harvest the deer they’re after. Ben has written many articles on mature deer and has harvested many upper end deer including two bucks over 200″ and nine from 173-194″ with his bow.

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