Started in 2008 by Michael Waddell, Bone Collector is a company dedicated to advocating for the culture of hunting. Starring friends, Michael Waddell, Nick Mundt, and Travis “T-Bone” Turner; Bone Collector has remained one of the top rated shows on the Outdoor Channel. Long live the Brotherhood of the Bone Collector!


Michael Waddell

Wadell, the founder of Bone Collector, is from the back-woods and waters of Gerogia – Booger Bottom. He quickly developed a talent for turkey calling and won the Realtree Grand American Turkey Calling Contest in the 90s. After joining Team Realtree in 1994, he went from cameraman to producer to host of the Road Trips TV show. This earned him the reputation as one of the most successful hunters and outdoorsmen in the industry – and the most entertaining!

Nick Mundt

Nick is one of three co-hosts for Bone Collector, bringing his comedic and charismatic character viewers love. Nick has had the opportunity to travel and hunt in over 15 states, 3 different continents, and is an advocate for spreading awareness of culture of the Hunter. Even with Bone Collector’s fast growth and popularity he keeps himself grounded to his South Dakota roots spending his free time relaxing by the lake, honing his shot, cranking out a Karaoke tune or cooking a tasty meal.  What he enjoys most about this public platform is sharing with all that will listen why it is important not to apologize for being a hunter, but to teach that hunting morals and values is what our culture was built on.

 Travis ‘T-Bone’ Turner

Travis ‘T-Bone’ is one of the most respected archers and hunters in the outdoor industry. He has competed on the ASA and APA Certified Pro Shooter Tour for over 15 years, even winning the 1991 ASA World Championship. Not only does Turner own and manage one of the largest archery shops in Georgia, but he also serves as an archery technician for celebrities, pro athletes and outdoor industry professionals. With his hard work, fun approach and passion for the outdoors, he has become a leading personality in the industry co-hosting Bone Collector, Realtree Roadtrips, and serving as a National Spokesperson for Whitetails Unlimited.

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