Best Arrow Rest for Hunters| Drop-Away or Containment Rests

The arrow rest type battle is as ancient as the fixed vs. mechanical broadheads. For this battle the two competitors going head to head are the containment rest and drop-away rest. The one you install on your bow might eventually come down to your opinion, but you need to know the advantages and disadvantages. What is the Best Arrow Rest? You decide…

The Containment Rest

At least from the beginning bowhunter and archer stand point the full containment rest is hands-down the best arrow rest. This bow rest will guarantee the arrow will be there when you go to draw. They do this by fully containing the arrow like the 3 points of contact on the Halo rest. This contact makes it one of the most popular types of bow rests among bow hunters. The contact can also result in poorly placed shots. Why?

Shooting form is critical when shooting with full containment rest. Longer contact with the arrow from shaft to fletching means that any sort of movement or hiccup in your form will deal repercussions on your shot. To eliminate this contact the drop-away rest was introduced.

The Drop-away Rest

For the more particular or serious bow hunter, drop-away rest eliminate the contact by dropping below the arrow directly following your shot. This means the arrow will hit exactly where you were aiming when you punched the shot, without interference from a movement or pull of any sort while the arrow begins flight, making it a best arrow rest for those who like to hunt and shoot 3D. The draw backs of the drop-away rest include the frustration and missed opportunities if the arrow falls off or snags an object before the shot.

To eliminate this worry and combine the best of both worlds, G5 Outdoors provided a solution.

The Best?

Perhaps the best arrow rest for you would be the best of both worlds. A full containment system that drops away would eliminate the cons of both types. This is exactly what the C-Max full containment drop-away rest incorporates.

What’s the best arrow rest? You decide. A containment rest or a drop-away rest? Or just maybe both. Whatever you decide G5 Outdoors is here to make you, the bowhunter, more effective in the field!