When selecting an expandable eroadhead, bowhunters have a great deal to consider.

It seems that there are countless expandable broadhead options available, all claiming to be the deadliest head on the market. At G5 Outdoors, we feel that there are some simple but essential design elements that consumers should look for when selecting this type of broadhead.

Earlier this year we released the MegaMeat, a 3-blade expandable broadhead. This product has been deemed the big brother to our original DeadMeat broadhead which has experienced great success over the past few season. As its name indicates, the MegaMeat offers an increased cutting diameter, jumping from the original 1.5” to a massive 2” cut. Both the DeadMeat and the new MegaMeat have features that we feel allow them to perform at the highest possible level when an arrow is released on an animal. 

The MegaMeat is a rear-deploying expandable broadhead.

This allows the head to keep its kinetic energy upon impact and ultimately produce more penetration. At impact, the Lutz blades simply slide back into place and into a wider cutting position. The blades do not need to fold back over themselves, which can starve the arrow of energy and direction. 

This broadhead also opens to a blade angle of less than 45°. This allows the broadhead to slice through a target creating a deeper wound and more blood loss. Expandable heads that open to a large angle assert a chop rather than a slice, again resulting in less penetration and an increased chance for a poor blood trail and recovery challenges.

Several expandable broadheads provide large 2+” cutting diameters as well, but many of these are just two bladed heads. The MegaMeat sports 3 blades creating more surface area and ultimately a vastly larger wound. A 2” cutting diameter with 3 blades is not the same as a 2” cutting diameter with just 2 blades. The third blade creates a hole in the animal vs a slice. Once again, greatly increasing your chances of creating a fatal wound that produces massive blood loss onto the ground.

To recap, the new MegaMeat and its predecessor the DeadMeat. Designed as rear-deploying expandable broadheads with 3 blades that open to an angle of less than 45°. These features create an expandable broadhead that hits hard, slices deep and creates wounds that result in massive blood trails. The MegaMeat also offers G5’s BMP (Ballistically Matched Point) –  a practice tip that is aerodynamically matched to the same flight of the broadhead. Now you can practice all season, dialing in your arrows without dulling your broadheads, or ruining your target.