Blind Bailing is the Best Fix for Target Panic



Target panic is analogous to the shank in golf. It does not happen often and some never experience it, however, when it does occur, the problem intensifies into a complete loss of confidence in your ability to shoot your bow. What exactly is target panic? Well, it is similar to buck fever in that the symptoms are relate-able and include the inability to place the sight on the target, difficulty releasing an arrow, and/or consistently missing your aiming spot. Some see it as a condition where their release is rushed or jerking just before arrow release, while others simply cannot hold their pin on the target long enough to make an accurate shot. Target panic can be blamed on a psychological condition in which you literally panic as your aiming narrows in anticipation for the shot.  To avoid this problem, you need target panic solutions like blind bailing to regain confidence in your ability to make accurate shots.


Solving Target Panic with 3 Steps


In the blind bailing archery drill, your mind is free to shut down. This freedom allows you to solely focus on “feeling the shot”, which is the most important aspect of consistent and accurate archery shots. Blind bailing, the archery practice drill where you shot arrows at close range with your eyes closed, consists of three steps…



Step 1.) Set up a large bale style target at a distance of about twice your arrow length. Close enough to not miss the target but far enough to give your arrow a chance to clear your bow when you release.


Step 2.) Take a good archery shooting stance, close your eyes and draw your bow like you would normally while targeting shooting. Focus only on your form and not on aiming.


Step 3.) Release the arrow and follow through. Concentrate only on a smooth release and good form and not where your arrow ends up.

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How Blind Bailing Solves Target Panic

The blind bailing archery drill is designed to train your muscles to shoot clean and consistent shots. With your eyes closed and no distractions related to aiming, you are able to focus solely on drawing, holding, releasing, and following through. This practice technique also allows you to isolate certain aspects of shooting that may be causing your archery target panic. This technique works by identifying the problem and focusing on solving them without worrying about hitting a particular point. After practicing with blind bailing over and over again, your muscles should be retrained and target panic should be gone.


Photo: Team Radical

Overcoming Target Panic is Not the Only Reason for Blind Bailing 

Blind bailing is one of the best ways for overcoming target panic, but it is also a great archery practice drill for preparing for opening day of bow season. Since blind bailing can be done in any backyard because you do not need distance to shoot, you can shoot every day leading up to the start of the season. Also, it helps to get correct form and release points back after a long off season and it is especially helpful if you anticipate long-range bow shots.


Target Panic is one of the most frustrating aspects of archery shooting. It can cripple a bow hunter to a point in which not a single arrow hits its mark. Blind bailing is one of the best target panic solutions and utilizing it will get you back on target in no time.