G5 Outdoors | DeadMeat Broadhead and B.M.P

What started 3 years ago, has finally surfaced into one amazing broadhead. The new DeadMeat Broadhead combines the best features of previous broadheads into one of the most innovative expandable broadheads on the market. Loaded with features, and accompanied by an out of the box idea for a practice head, the DeadMeat broadhead is poised to storm the archery industry.

 Nate Grace of G5 Outdoors – “we looked at what our mechanical broadheads did well and what they didn’t, compared them to the competitors, and knew it was time to raise the stakes.”

“The DeadMeat broadhead by G5 Is devastating, durable, accurate, and super easy to use…it is the total package!” – Travis “T-Bone” Turner

(Video)- Watch as Nate Grace explains his idea behind G5’s all new DeadMeat broadhead.

DeadMeat Broadhead Features

The DeadMeat mechanical broadhead is constructed from super-tough machined 100 percent stainless-steel to make contact and keep driving deep. Three heavy-duty blades produce unrelenting results by creating a gaping 1.5-inch cutting diameter for short and heavy blood trails.

The design of the DeadMeat is highlighted by the all-new SnapLock retaining collar that creates an audible “snap” when each of the three blades is locked securely in place for flawless flight. The SnapLock collar features an integrated clip that marries with a tiny knob on the back side of each blade for quick and secure blade retention. Never again worry about poorly-seated blades or in-flight deployment.


  • Re-Usable – Replaceable blades are available easy to install.
  • Durability – 100% Steel Tough, 320% Stronger Than Aluminum.
  • Cutting Diameter- 5- inch cutting diameter, rear deployment blades, and the proper blade angle means better penetration and higher blood loss.
  • Aerodynamic – The hardened chisel tip and tightly tucked blades are an aerodynamic perfection!
  • Snap Lock – The new SnapLock collar is easy to use, snap in the blades and you are ready to go.
  • DeadMeat Stem – The DeadMeat’s stem allows us to use a more flexible steel on the backend, resulting in less breakage! The stem also allows the DeepSix option.

(Video)- Watch as T-Bone explains the features of the new Deadmeat Broadhead and B.M.P!

 The B.M.P Ballistic Match Point

To accompany the DeadMeat broadhead the B.M.P is a ballistic match to the DeadMeat broadhead. With starting from scratch on the DeadMeat, the practice head also deserved a redo!

The B.M.P allows a hunter to practice all year long…hunt ready! It is safe to use on any target and works great on foam targets. Practice all year knowing your DeadMeat will have the same flight as the B.M.P…No more guessing!

The B.M.P:

  • Is included with the DeadMeat (1)
  • Perfect ballistic match to the DeadMeat
  • Matched within 4% crosswind and head on drag
  • Safe to use on any target
  • “Torkee” broadhead torque wrench included

Check out what Nate Grace has to say about the B.M.P below.

Check out more information on the DeadMeat mechanical broadhead below.

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