Best bow quiver designed for accuracy and functionality, without sacrificing on noise and vibration

You work hard to get everything right with your bow. You can’t settle for even the tiniest vibration or noise. If you are not fully confident in your bow, you won’t be in you shot. Often the simplest or no additions at all reduce weight, noise, vibration, and the possibility of something going wrong in the moment that counts. But some additions are necessary, you can’t head into the field without them. It’s hard to find balance in these necessary products that you can trust in these situations. But trusting in products designed for the hunt can give you that confidence back. G5 Outdoors is bow hunting gear, equipment, and accessories that you can put trust into and the Head-Loc quiver is an example of such a product.

G5 Head-Loc Quiver

Bow Quivers are functional, but man can they get in the way in some situations. There isn’t a hunter out there who doesn’t take (or want to take) off the quiver after climbing up in the tree, or hasn’t snagged a tree while stalking through the brush. They get in the way, weigh down the bow, and in some people’s opinion might actually affect accuracy.

Products that stand out in details always excel in the industry. This quiver is no exception. The Head-Loc Quiver has been designed with those situations in mind. Not only does it kill noise and vibration with its mounting system but comes with an additional mounting system to drill into a tree. The usual (tree snagging) profile of other bow quivers has been smoothed down, into a lightweight, sound absorbing quiver that has a low profile.

G5 had you in mind when designing this quiver and other bow hunting gear, equipment, and accessories.