Making it count │ Tips for making that perfect shot

As bow hunters, we know that making a perfect shot on your target can mean the difference between a long night of tracking, or a big buck taking a ride in the back of the truck. However, as hunters sometimes we can get in our own way. In this article, we will discuss some tips and techniques that can improve your accuracy and help you become a better shot when bow hunting.

While it may seem extremely simple and, well let’s face it, obvious you can never under emphasize the benefits of practice. While most dedicated bow hunters never turn down an opportunity to grab the bow and sling a couple of arrows, chances are they are still not practicing enough. To increase your accuracy it is important to shoot a lot and shoot often. Picking up the archery tackle a couple of times a week may get the job done, but much like with any sport, the more you practice the better prepared you will be. It is important to not get focused on shooting the same situation each time you practice. If you can, change up the angle of the target, the elevation that you shoot from and you may even try shooting while sitting down.

Varying the types of situations while you practice will help to increase your confidence level when you are presented with a situation in the field that you were not expecting. With today’s archery equipment, having the ability to effectively shoot well beyond 40 yards, it is becoming almost all too common to hear of long-range bow shots. Unfortunately for some archery hunters, having equipment capable of making a 40+ yard shot makes them believe that they themselves are capable of making such a shot, leading to more missed opportunities and possibly more wounded animals. To ensure that you are effective at long distances takes practice and repetition, and isn’t something you should attempt without practicing.

Making the perfect shot with G5 OutdoorsWhen bow hunting, you can never understate the importance of good archery equipment that is fitted to YOU. It is amazing just how many archery hunters will hit the woods this fall with a bow that does not quite fit them or their needs. When bow hunting, having the proper set up will ensure that the hunter is completely comfortable when using the bow. It will ensure that peeps sights line up appropriately and most importantly, it ensures a solid anchor point which is the foundation for consistent shot placement. No two archery hunters shoot exactly the same, and taking the time to ensure that your bow is set up and fits you this coming fall will ensure that you have the highest confidence in your equipment the next time you find yourself in the woods. It is a very small price to pay to ensure that your equipment is dialed in, and something you don’t want to be kicking yourself over after blowing a shot on that buck of a lifetime.

So we have stated the obvious, taking the time to shoot and shoot often from various situations while also ensuring that you have the best equipment that is set to fit you will help you to be more accurate this fall. So what now? Now let’s discuss how to overcome what can be the biggest obstacle when it comes to making a good clean shot on that big buck the next time you are bow hunting, and that’s you! We have all been in that situation where nerves have gotten the better of us, and have cost us dearly. There is nothing more disheartening then finally getting that big buck in bow range only to blow the shot or worse yet, make a poor shot never to recover the animal. In most cases, the number one issue that causes archery hunters to make a poor shot is not misjudging the yardage, it is rushing the shot.

No matter how you slice it, we chase game with archery equipment because it is exciting. There is nothing more exciting than having to maneuver yourself into a position where you have to get that big buck you have been chasing to 60 yards or less. You would have to be dead for your pulse to not be racing in that situation, however, what can separate a great archery hunter from a good one is how to handle the excitement. While everyone may have their own way of coping with the excitement, the best advice is to not let the situation become bigger than it is. Taking the antlers out of the equation, and removing any thoughts about missing the shot can greatly increase your confidence and help you bury a HAVOC broadhead right in the boiler room. When you practice and prepare, and ensure that you have the proper gear and when the opportunity presents itself you will be confident, and being confident will help you remain calm and patient, and put more deer in the back of the truck this fall.

At the end of the day, making a perfect shot on your target is as simple as taking the time to set yourself up for success by being prepared for any situation, having confidence in your equipment and having confidence in your abilities. By taking the time to prepare, you significantly increase your odds for success. Archery, and bow hunting is a fantastic spot that is both extremely challenging and rewarding at the same time. With a little preparation, practice and your Prime Rival you will sending a HAVOC through the breadbasket of that buck this fall!